Is LumaPet™ different or better for my pets than RESTORE human supplement?

LumaPet is the exact same formula as RESTORE, manufactured using the same quality control and Good Manufacturing Practices (FDA GMP). We launched LumaPet as a different product for several reasons:

  • There are many pet owners looking for digestive and immune support for their pets, who have yet to learn about RESTORE.
  • LumaPet has different usage directions, based on pets’ weight, because some are teeny tiny, and some are huge!
  • The regulations differ for human and animal supplements and the claims we can make for each. We are members of the non-profit National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), whose Seal of Quality is intended to show consumers we are committed to the “highest current standards in the industry today.” We expect to begin using NASC’s seal in early-2018.
  • We have new and comprehensive safety and efficacy data for felines and canines.
  • The label for LumaPet is super cute!!